Your Sketch Book:

Conducting interviews gives the admissions reviewer a chance to see your sketch book in its entirety. In an interview setting the sketch book is as important as your finished work. The interviewer will spend a substantial amount of the time searching through the sketch book and engaging with you about what they come across. You should understand that what they’re interested in seeing is how you think, how you plan out ideas, how you illustrate ideas in a visual language, your rough sketches, your written thoughts, how frequently you use the sketch book and what you use your sketch book for.

Your sketch book does not have to be the stereotypical physical black sketch book. Some artists use a sketch book then rip the pages out. Some artists use loose paper in a box for a sketch book. Regardless, what the interviewer is interested in is your thought process and ability to think in a visual language.

If you have sketch book, consider how full it is and what it is full of. You don’t want to have lots of blank pages or just pages with scribbles and crossed out drawings. Sketch books of this nature do not say anything about you as an artist. You will want to show a sketch book that is full and rich with content. The physical condition of the book does not matter too much, for instance if the spine is broken cause the book is full and well used then that may actually benefit you.

If you’re in the loose paper world, gather up your papers and hopefully they are in somewhat of a decent condition and not balls of crumpled paper. Buy a nice box with a closing lid to present your loose papers in. Don’t be too curatorial with what you put into the box, remember what the interviewer is interested in seeing.

The best strategy to prepare for this section of the interview is to plan ahead, months in advance, and use your sketch book on a regular basis. The worst thing you can do is panic a few days before your interview and attempt to fake months of sketch book use. The interviewer will see through this as you cannot fake genuine use.

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