The Interview:

Talking with an interviewer who controls whether or not you get into their school can be stressful, intimidating, scary and every other adjective that comes to mind. Relax, it will be okay. The interview is not like the movies, you will not be in a long white room with 5 people sitting behind a table, a blinding light in your face, and impossible questions. It will an informal setting where you have the opportunity to open up your portfolio case, display your work and casually talk with the interviewer.

Be prepared to discuss your work. The interviewer is going to be interested in how you talk about artwork and use that language in a critical way. They will be interested in learning what artists you enjoy, where you see your skill level, what techniques you have developed or could use improvement on. They will want to discuss your creative process through observations in your sketch book. You may talk about why you choose their school or why you want to goto art school. Relax, breathe, be truthful and open with you thoughts and the conversation should go swimmingly. Remember the point of the interview is to learn about you and why you love art.

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