The Importance of your Portfolio:

Applying to post secondary school can be a stressful experience for anyone, applying to an art program has the added stress and challenge of preparing a portfolio. Your portfolio is a major component in the application process. Most schools no longer conduct face-to-face interviews and so your portfolio will usually be the only way to make a lasting impression. With that said, it is strongly recommended that you give your portfolio great consideration.

The people reviewing your portfolio will likely be faculty members from the art department and possibly guest jurors from the local art community. The portfolio review process is kept to time restrictions, usually only a few minutes per applicant; therefore, a strong portfolio will make a big difference when it comes down to securing your position.

Creating a portfolio shouldn’t be a scary process so long as you approach it in a thoughtful and serious manner. The more time you give yourself to prepare the better. Take a breath, and try not to get discouraged. Keep in mind that they are not looking for perfection but rather a showcase of work that exhibits ability and a willingness to learn and try new techniques. You are not going to art school because you already know everything there is to know you are going there to develop your passion.

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