Sculpture Work

Sculptural work is usually limited to specified sizes for portfolio interviews with obvious reasons. Some interviews may not even allow sculptural work and will request photographs. However in the event if you are allowed to bring in sculpture there are some things you want to consider.

Make sure you are transporting the work in an adequately safe manner. The best containers are custom built specifically for individual works. Theses are expensive to construct and there are other alternatives for the budget minded person. Cardboard boxes are great temporary substitutes for transporting works. Try and find the heaviest cardboard and avoid using thin cardboard boxes, as this cardboard does not offer much rigidity or protection against mishaps. The box should ideally be a few inches larger in dimension than the actual sculptural piece.

First wrap the sculptural work in thin soft blankets with several layers. Insert a blanket into the bottom of the box. Gently place the wrapped sculpture into the box and fill any negative spaces with fabric. Tuck another blank on top of the sculpture. Finally seal and label the box. The overall idea is to secure the artwork in a barrier of plush blankets that can absorb any shock from transport. Depending on the sculpture other materials like newsprint, paper towel, styrofoam peanuts, or bubble wrap may be used as protective barriers.

Every sculptural piece is going to require it’s own type of security. Blankets and fabrics are pretty standard items when securing work. Fragile objects like glass and paper sculptures require different considerations when packing and are perhaps best to just to be photographed.

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