Labeling and Organizing Slides:

Before you label the slides consider the order they will be reviewed in. It is up to you to determine their suggested viewing order. My advice is to organize them like you would an essay. Strong works positioned at the beginning, middle and end. Intersperse these slides with weaker works and studies. In addition you could also consider grouping slides into themes or subject matter. It is important to give consideration to the order of your portfolio.

Label your slides with a fine black marker in a consecutive numbering system followed by a last name. Example: 001 Smith, 002 Smith, 003 Smith, 004 Smith, etc. Label the fronts of the slides to indicate which direction they are to be loaded into the carrousel. Next you will create a printed accompanying slide list. The list should be clearly laid out and easy to reference. At the top should be your personal information. The list should progress numerically and it should contain: title, year, media, size (height then width) and a brief description.

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