File Saving and Naming:

Once you have edited all of your photos it is best to save them in one folder labeled ‘school portfolio’ or something similar. For the moment all you are doing is assembling all of the potential portfolio images into one common folder. The following format is the best and most common way to name your files: title_year_media_size.

Remember to:

· Only use lowercase alphabet.
· Not to use any symbols.
· Use an underscore instead of a space.
· If the title or media is several words long write it as one word with no spaces
· Use inches as your measurement and state the height first then the width, separating them with an ‘x’.
· Be consistent when naming the files.

Saving Your Image in the Correct Format:

Save the image as a .jpg file. To do so go to “file”, click “save as”, and in the pop up window click the drop down menu labeled “format” and select “.jpg”, to finish click “save”. Now a new window will appear called ‘JPEG Options’ use the highest quality setting available when you save it as a .jpg, this is quality 12, click “ok”. Do not save over or delete the original imported photographs.

Examples of a Properly Formatted and Named Files:

title / year / media / size (inches) .jpg

judgement_2010_etching_20x24inches.jpg subjecttothelaw_2007_mixedmedia_60x84inches.jpg
frank_2008_acrylicpainting_10x20inches.jpg everythingandanythingelse_2007_oilpainting_30x22inches.jpg

Separating Files for Different Schools:

At this point we have not resized the image. We have only built an archive of the works you have selected for your portfolio applications.

Create a separate folder for each school you are applying to. Copy selected images from the ‘school portfolio’ folder and paste them into the school specific folders. As you go through this process consult the guidelines and make sure that the files are named in the school’s desired format and adhere to their specified requirements. Rename and resize the file if necessary.

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