Camera Settings:

If you are unfamiliar with camera settings use an automatic setting, this will produce a decent photograph. Use a setting such as ‘no flash’ or ‘outdoor’. Make sure that your photographs are in focus, crisp, and not skewed. Avoid using the built in flash on the camera. Ideally you should use a manual setting with an automatic focus to get the best control over the image.

Take multiple photographs of each work. Review in the viewfinder the first few shots of each artwork and check to make sure you’re getting a decent exposure, that the image is in focus, the edges of the work are parallel to the viewfinder and that the sun isn’t washing out the colour. Make the necessary adjusts each time until you have the best shot possible.

One common issue is swelling. If your artwork appears to swell in the photograph, move your camera away from the artwork and zoom in slightly. Zooming in slightly will create a more natural depth. This swelling is an issue that stems from the type of lens the camera has.

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