Burning a CD:

When selecting a burning program you will want to make sure that the program can burn CDs readable by both MAC and PC platforms. Most burn programs have an option you can click to enable this or it will automatically tell you what platforms the CD can be read by. Within the admission requirements there should be a section indicating what platform the CD must be readable by.

Rename the CD and the first folder on the CD to your name, so that when the CD loads the admissions board will see your name first. Drop all required images and documents into the burn folder and ensure that the items are named correctly and in accordance with their requested format.

Now it is finally time to burn the CD. The program will verify if the CD burnt correctly or not. When done pop out the CD and in marker, write your name and information on the front of the CD. Some people have used stickers for this information but this can sometime ruin the CD drive of a computer.

Before you mail your submission check to see if the CD actually works on both a MAC and a PC. It is quite common for the CD to indicate that it will work on both platforms when in fact it does not.

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