Post Secondary Education in Art.

After four years of high school you may be asking yourself “why put myself through four more years of school?” Here are several good reasons that come to mind and in addition there are many great unlisted reasons why post secondary is a good idea.
It will challenge you in ways you never would have on your own.
You will connect with people from different places and different backgrounds.
You will:
– push yourself.
– learn so much.
– learn a lot about yourself.
– open doors to opportunities that may not arise otherwise.
– have the chance to study something you are seriously interested in.
– work toward working in a field that you want to work in.

Although there are a lot of really great reasons to go to University or College there are still things to consider. It is naive to assume that a post secondary degree is the key to success. A diploma is not necessarily going to be your gateway to a big pay cheque. However, University and College will teach you how to work hard, how to stay focused, how to get over challenging hurdles, how to think critically, how to work through difficult situations, how to collaborate with different people and how to be creative.

Going into a visual arts program of any kind is going to bring a lot of different questions and concerns from people. Unlike going into Engineering, Business or Medicine the arts have less of a direct and simple job answer, however, this doesn’t mean that there are no jobs in the arts. (Please look at our Career Options section for more information about this). Some parents can be concerned about their kids wanting to go to post secondary just to expand their mind.

Don’t just go to school because you aren’t sure what else to do or you think it is the next step. Make sure you are interested in what you are going to school for. Being unsure or only going because you think it’s your obligation can result in a very large debt for little reward and also a very hard and long four years.

The Art School Guide, is meant to be a reference guide for those who are interested in applying to art school. It is meant to help you in the decision process and application process by providing relevant information for some one like you, who is interested in the arts as a post secondary school choice.

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